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Buying handmade

finishing a silver ring by hand

When we buy handmade we are helping to ensure traditional making skills are kept alive and creating a demand for education in these skills

Handicrafts play a very important role in representing the culture and traditions of any country or region. Handicrafts are a substantial medium to preserve of rich traditional art, heritage and culture, traditional skills and talents which are associated with people’s lifestyle and history.

Handmade jewellery has sentimental significance for the creator, giver, and the receiver alike. It starts with an artist that designs from personal need. Then a buyer that appreciates the beauty, the hardship and the time that was needed.Finally, the receiver that is thankful for all the thoughtfulness put into the piece from the giver and beauty of the piece from the artist. This puts a lot of sentimental value into a handmade piece of jewellery,making it a lifetime treasured item.

If you purchase from a local artisan, you can proudly buy local and contribute to your city’s commerce. You are supporting someone’s livelihood. It’s true you often pay more for a particular piece made by hand, but you’re helping preserve something special by opting to patronize an artist’s work — plus, you never know if it’ll be an investment down the road.

And you don’t have to stay in your hometown to feel good about making your purchase — there are countless small-scale entrepreneurs across the globe selling their unique handmade jewelry to support their local economies.

At the end of the day, despite the merits of all the “buy local” efforts, if you’re buying from an independent artist online, or even a more established, high-end designer, you’re still helping sustain a smaller, more personal level of economic growth, a growth that spans the entire supply chain and that’s worth preserving, no matter what the zip code.

No matter what you decide to buy, the benefit of going with artisan jewelry is you’re always getting a unique item no matter what the price point. Even if the designer makes several pieces that look like what you have in mind, no two earrings, rings or necklaces are the same. And that’s a really beautiful thing…

You are supporting a dream and appreciating the time and the effort that a maker has put into it.

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