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Call +30 690 979 2597
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Who We Are

Aerides jewellery is the brainchild of artisan jewellers Katerina Karampela and Constantinos Diamandis.

We live and work in our hometown Pylos,where we create exclusively handmade jewellery,working with gold,silver,brass and natural stones using a variety of traditional techniques like classic,filigree,granulation,bezel setting,wire knitting,repousse and more.

Against the imposed fashion trends and mass production culture we create with traditional crafts and skills,drawing our inspiration from the nature and rich history of Messinia.

Through the years of our work,we have participated in various jewellery exhibitions such as ‘Expression and design’ for ‘Kosmima’ in Thessaloniki and ‘Hellenic jewellery’ show in Athens.We ‘ve had collaborated with museum shops such as Benaki museum in Athens and Macedonic museum of modern art in Thessaloniki.Also we have been teaching handmade jewellery workshops for adults and children in Kalamata.

Our everexpanding collection is displayed and available now in our on-line shop.

participation in various team exhibitions during jewelry studies…

part of the jewellery collection was chosen to be part of EOMMEX (Greek handcrafted creations)

participation in “Expression and Design”. 21 Kosmima exibition

participation in “Expression and Design”. 22 Kosmima exibition.

Since November part of the collection is been sold at Benaki museum shop ,Peireos 138 & Andronikou st. Athens.

Since December part of the collection is been sold at the shop of Macedonic Museum of modern art in Thesaloniki.

participation in “Hellenic jewellery 2014”.

teaching handmade jewellery workshops for adults and children in Kalamata

handmade silver bracelet

whether the material is precious or not,we approach it with the same careful technique and sense of design.

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